3 of the Most Damaging Debris to Your Roof

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Blog


The roof is a crucial element in a home or building exterior. A well-maintained roof can protect occupants from harsh weather conditions such as rain or hailstorms. It is important to keep your roof free of all kinds of debris in order to keep it in its pristine condition. Here, local roof repair contractors discuss the three most damaging debris to your roof.


1. Tree Branches

Strong winds can tear large, overhanging tree branches. If these trees are close enough to the side of your house or building, they can scrape and pull shingles off your roof. Even healthy and sturdy trees can be bent and whipped by strong, high winds, creating puncture marks on the protective membrane of your system. Make sure to look for wood chips, leaves, and other litter from trees on your roof surface and clear them off after the storm and winds calm down. One way to prevent this problem is to trim down tree branches before the stormy season arrives.

2. Building Components

Building components and pieces of other houses around you are normally the first things to give out due to catastrophic damage brought upon by high winds, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Consider the objects that are likely to break off, including antenna, shutters, roof vents, chunks of masonry and shingles. The truth is it is not much you can do once these things are broken or damaged. Fortunately, you can call local roofers to perform storm damage roof repair and structural maintenance.

3. Hail

Hail is detrimental to your roof, no matter how seemingly small the damage is. Heavy hail may not rip off shingles in a blink of an eye, but it can crack parts of shingles and strip away their protective granules, leading to leaks. Keep a careful watch on your roof, particularly after a serious hailstorm event, and address new signs of wear and tear as soon as possible.

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