5/5/22- Severe Storms Run Amok In The CSRA

by | May 7, 2022 | CSRA, Local News, Storm Damage


The Central Savannah River Area was shaken up at the start of the month by some spring storms looking to cause some trouble. The stormy weather was spotted moving over the Augusta area around 4 in the afternoon on May 6th. The storm brought with it some powerful winds. All across the Central Savannah River Area, trees were found lying across roadways, toppled in properties, and causing traffic blocks and mayhem everywhere.

Several residents took to the streets with their chainsaws and any wood chopping materials to help clear roadways, driveways, properties, and anything blocked by fallen trees. East of Bamberg, a tree had fallen on a mobile home, and it’s unclear if anyone was home or injured. Drivers were warned to proceed with caution when driving through the storm’s aftermath.

May 2022 Severe Storms Run Amok In The CSRA

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The trees weren’t the only things that the storm took down; several powerlines were also victim to the storm’s wrath. The downed powerlines caused widespread power outages and left thousands of residents to weather the storm in total darkness. Varying sizes of hail were also spotted on the ground. Their sizes ranged from pea-sized hail to golfball-sized hail. The hail was especially present in areas along the North Carolina border.

Several homes also suffered significant roofing damage due to the falling trees and powerlines. During storms like these, your rooftops are usually the first victims. While your roofing materials might be capable of surviving high wind speeds and significant hail falls, they do cushion the fall of falling trees and powerlines. While they do protect you from large falling objects they can suffer some significant damage.

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