The Price You’ll Pay For A New Cedar Roof In Newnan

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The typical cost of a cedar roof installation in Newnan is about $20,000 and $48,000. Homeowners can expect to pay about $3 to $5 per square foot. Your cedar roofing replacement project’s total cost depends on the size of your roofing system, the type of cedar roofing you install, and the labor cost of your recommended Newnan roofing company.

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Newnan cedar roofing system

Cedar Roofing Services In Newnan

Homeowners across Newnan adore cedar roofs. The material provides incredible insulation, a beautiful natural aroma, and stunning visual appeal to any home. These beautiful rooftops go well with classic architecture, adding a dash of elegance and sophistication to homes. Cedar roofing systems can be pretty expensive; however, their benefits justify their costs.

Cedar Roofing Cost Breakdown


Inspecting your old cedar rooftop is vital if you’re considering a new cedar roof replacement. Because cedar is a natural material, it is prone to mold, termites, and the like. These types of pests and bacteria can spread to the rest of your roofing system and negatively impact your home. Our trusted roofing inspection experts will provide you with a thorough and detailed inspection report to help you make the best decision for your home.

Roofing Materials

Homeowners have the option of two types of cedar roofing, cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Cedar shakes have a more rugged texture, whereas the cedar shingles have a neat and smoothed finish. The cedar shingles provide home’s with a tailored roofing aesthetic, whereas the shake gives the house a more natural appearance. The price of your cedar shakes and shingles depends on the type of wood used and the manufacturers of the roofing material.


With the necessary experience and skill, the right team will have your cedar roof installation running as smoothly as possible. Your cedar rooftop installation should take about a week to complete with careful planning and precision. The cost of your cedar roofing installation will depend on the size of your roofing system, the labor costs of your preferred roofing team, and the duration of the installation.

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