Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Warranty

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Blog


Roof installation is a significant undertaking for any homeowner. It requires thoroughness in budgeting and planning, which should cover the warranty of your new roofing. That said, you probably have some questions about roof warranties. Hero Roofing answers some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What Type of Cost Coverage Do I Need?

You have three options for this type of coverage: original cost, prorated, and no dollar limit. With the original cost warranty, the manufacturer covers only repairs that are up to the total cost of the original purchase. With prorated warranties, the amount covered diminishes in value over the life span of your roofing. No dollar limit is widely considered as the most favorable option because it is non-prorated, assuring you that the manufacturer will cover whatever the costs of the repairs.

What Type of Material Coverage Do I Need?

For material coverage, there are two types of warranties that you should take note of: material-only and material and labor warranties. Material-only warranties can only be used to cover the materials supplied by the manufacturer. They can protect you from manufacturing defects but cannot be used to cover any installation mishaps. So if something goes wrong, such as a leak in your roof, you can expect to receive a patch or repair kit without any further inspection.

And as its name implies, a material and labor warranty covers both materials and installation. To qualify for this type of warranty, your roof must be installed by a licensed roofing contractor and then inspected by the manufacturer’s technical worker.

Do I Need a Manufacturer Warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is usually enough to cover your needs. And since they usually have more stability than your local contractor, they would likely be around much longer than your roofer. However, it doesn’t hurt to opt in for a contractor warranty as well. Find out what each of these warranties can provide you and how it is handled by either party. This way, you can determine if the contractor and manufacturer warranties can complement each other or if they would only be redundant.

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