How Gutter Guards Can Save You Money

by | Oct 8, 2022 | Blog, Gutter Guards

Whether it’s here in South Atlanta or all across the nation, homeowners want to do whatever they can to preserve the appearance and structural integrity of their houses. One way to do this is by ensuring that the home’s gutters are in perfect working order and clear of debris so that rainwater can flow smoothly away from the residence.

To achieve this goal, many employ the use of gutter guards, but some homeowners are unable to get past the “sticker shock” when they begin pricing gutter guard systems. Between the materials and the installation involved with gutter guards, the final cost may be staggering to homeowners who are on a budget.

What those uncertain homeowners fail to realize is this: while many people think of gutter guards as being costly, in reality, they actually will save money for the homeowner in the long run. But how?

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Services Not Required With Proper Gutter Guards

The obvious savings is in cleaning your gutters – either your time or the money to pay someone else to do it. But gutter cleaning costs aren’t the only expense a homeowner will no longer need to worry about. Having a flawlessly functioning gutter system will reduce or eliminate the odds of home damage caused by displaced runoff water.

Here’s an estimate of how much you can save with a gutter guard system like those provided by Hero Roofing in Newnan such as Gutterglove Pro:

  • Gutter Cleaning Costs. If you currently have your gutters cleaned by a professional service twice per year (as recommended), that will run you hundreds of dollars per year. Considering those costs alone, a gutter guard system could pay for itself in as little as 6 to 10 years.
    Total Savings: $150 to $500 annually
  • Foundation Repair. If rainwater overflows the gutters and falls to the ground near the structure, it can seep into the foundation over time and cause buckling, cracking, or shifting. Fixing foundation problems is rarely inexpensive, with repair costs frequently running into tens of thousands of dollars.
    Total Savings: Up to $40,000
  • Flooded Basements. If a house has a basement, this overflowing rainwater can seep into it through windows or wall spaces. That can lead to all kinds of problems, such as damage to the flooring, walls, furniture, or appliances. Not to mention this would come after paying for someone to pump the standing water out of the basement.
    Total Savings: Up to $5,000 to dry, up to $10,000 to repair
  • Exterior Damage. Leaky gutters can seep into the siding or fascia boards of the house over time. As a result, areas of dry rot and peeled paint will start appearing all over the house’s exterior – which could lead to a hefty bill for repainting or lumber replacement.
    Total Savings: Up to $5,000
  • Flooded Landscaping. Many people take pride in having perfectly-sculpted landscaping surrounding their houses. But these yard masterpieces will dissolve and crumble if blocked gutters force water into delicate landscape areas, and professional landscaping services are not cheap.
    Total Savings: Up to $7,500
  • Mildew and Mold. If misdirected water seeps into the home – be it through the attic, basement, or roofline – it can create a hotbed of mold, mildew, and other toxic substances in a matter of days. This can present potential hazards to a family’s health — and cost thousands of dollars to eradicate.
    Total Savings: Up to $3,000 per contaminated wall

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So if you’re considering gutter guards for your house, don’t think of them purely as a hefty cost. Gutter guards are an investment in the long-term viability and safety of your home that should not go ignored.