How Roofers Deal With Rain in the Middle of a Project

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Blog


The weather can be unpredictable. But reliable local roof repair contractors are usually ready and equipped to face a variety of scenarios during a roofing project — for instance, an unexpected rain in the middle of a job. In this kind of situation, here’s what you can expect from your contractor:


What You Can Expect From a Reliable Roofer

Reputable contractors usually keep tabs on the weather so that they can advise you when it’s appropriate to postpone your roofing project. This is to ensure that their workers won’t be exposed to any falling hazards due to a wet roof and your home won’t be at risk of damage for which they may be held liable.

While roof replacement may be possible in the rain, this often comes with serious risks that you might as well avoid altogether. Have your roofer wait until conditions are clear and your roof is dry so as to prevent putting the workers and your roofing at risk.

Other Things to Consider

Apart from the dangers of working on a wet roof and risking damage to your home, roofers also have some technical considerations. For instance, roof shingles may not properly adhere to wet surfaces, so installation during such circumstances can lead to poor quality and a handful of roofing problems. If you install a roof when the sheathing or wood is still wet, this can cause moisture to be trapped inside the roofing. This can further lead to issues like mold, rot, or other severe problems or damage.

Furthermore, going against manufacturer guidelines will likely void your roof warranty. This means that the manufacturer will not be liable for any damage resulting from faulty workmanship or less-than-ideal installation conditions.

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