Roof Rejuvenation: What Is It and How Can it Benefit Your Home?

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Newnan, Roof Maintenance, Roof Rejuvenation, Roof Repair

Your roof is integral to protecting your home and requires care and attention to get the most from its function and lifespan. So how do you keep your roofing system in good standing? Roof rejuvenation and restoration can help keep a premature roof replacement at bay, and we’re the best team to turn to for these kinds of services. From traditional asphalt shingles to metal and flat roofs, we provide everything you need to refresh and protect your roof and dramatically improve its lifespan.

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What Is Roof Rejuvenation?

Our process uses a product that almost magically restores and rejuvenates your asphalt shingles. The simple three-step rejuvenation process can add a minimum of five years of useful life back to your home’s roof, helping battle decay, brittleness, cracking, or moss and mold growth. The deep-penetrating oil provides the replenishing moisture your shingles need to maintain their performance for years to come.

Roof Rejuvenation Can Save You From a Future Replacement

We know that protecting your family is your top priority, and that means making sure your roof is in perfect working order no matter the season or weather. And what you need is premier roof rejuvenation services from Hero Roofing to get guaranteed peace of mind. We’re proud to offer an environmentally-friendly product that helps prevent frequent repairs and avoid the need for a full roof replacement before your roof’s lifespan is up. In addition, investing in our specialized roof restoration services can:

  • Smother moss & algae growth
  • Slow asphalt shingle granule loss
  • Reduce impacts of hail damage
  • Restore shingle permeability
  • Improve waterproofing capabilities
  • Boost shingle longevity

Benefits of Shingle Rejuvenation

The main benefit of roof restoration is cost. Treatments will be a fraction of the price of roof replacement. Also, the treatment process is quick and environmentally friendly.

There are other benefits to roof restoration as well. For one, it kills any algae or moss that accumulates on shingles.

There is some aesthetic value as well. Treatments will darken the shade of your shingles so that they look new. This can be a huge plus if you are planning on selling your home: turning an unsightly roof into one that looks like new, without replacement.

Key Benefits of Roof Rejuvenation

Roof rejuvenation is a solution for old and badly damaged roofs. More in-depth than simple roof repairs, our rejuvenation system is an alternative to a full roof tear-off and replacement. These are some reasons home and business owners are choosing roof rejuvenation more than ever:

Approximately Half the Cost

On average, restoration costs around half as much as a full tear-off. Since replacing a large roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the savings you can experience can be quite large! Ultimately, it is just a smart business decision. Even if you have multiple quotes to tear off your roof, you need to get a quote for restoration to compare.

Conveniently Saving Time

The main reason that our methods cost half as much as traditional replacement is that they take significantly less time since we eliminate the tear-off step. Not only does this save you money, but it also makes our work less disruptive to your business underneath. Businesses often need to close during a tear-off — they almost never do during restoration.

Better Than Brand New Roofing

As part of our roof rejuvenation process, we reinforce all of the high-risk areas on a flat roof. Not only will this fix any leaks happening now, but it proactively prevents leaks going forward. By reinforcing all of the areas that leak on a typical roof, we make it less likely to leak or need serious maintenance down the road. Simply put, after restoration, you have a stronger and better roof than when it was new.

Choose Hero Roofing to Rejuvenate Your Roof

Hero Roofing delivers superior quality and excellent service to all of our customers. Our experts are ready to answer all of your questions about roof rejuvenation and can help you choose the best option for your home. Give us a call today to learn more about your roof rejuvenation in Newnan Area!