What Is The Typical Cost Of A Roof Replacement In Newnan?

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Blog, Newnan, Roof Replacement


The cost of replacing your roof in Newnan ranges from $5000 to $48,000. Your roofing replacement costs are mainly dependent on the size of your roofing system, the roofing materials that you install, and the installation costs of your preferred roofing contractor.

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Roof Replacement Cost Breakdown

Roof Inspection

Before any building work begins, you have to hire a roofing inspector to determine the extent of your roofing damages. A roofing inspector will give you insight into the state of your roofing system and determine what the course of action should be. Some roofing inspectors have a call-out fee, whereas others charge by the hour.

Roofing Materials

Roofing systems have a life expectancy of about 30 to 50 years, depending on your roofing materials. The lifespan of your roofing material is also dependent on its strength and durability, as well as the efficacy of your maintenance plan. Some materials are better than others at withstanding the forces of nature, whereas others crumble with a bit of heat and rain. The weaker your roofing materials, the more maintenance and regular upkeep it requires.


Your roofing installation costs are dependent on the labor costs of your preferred roofing company, the size of your roofing system, and the duration of the installation. Some materials like metal, tile, and slate require specialists to install them correctly; installing these materials will, therefore, cost you more.

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