6 Roof Trends to Consider for Your Home in 2023

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Blog, Housing Trends, Newnan, Roofing

Trends come and go. Some are here for a short while, make a splash on social media, and then are replaced with a new trend. Those that help create and move trends along are called “trendsetters”. What about you? Are you a trend-setter, or a trend-follower? 

What about the exterior of your home? Do you have any of the following and may need to consider an upgrade? Some former trends that came and, thankfully, went include:

  • Shutters on the exterior of a home
  • Glass block
  • Brass fixtures
  • Cheap outdoor furniture
  • Border shrubs

There are some great new trends in 2023 to consider. Hopefully, these will stick around for a while.


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No longer is metal roofing just for industrial, commercial, or farming buildings. Metal roofing has proven to be a wonderful asset to the residential home. Here are some excellent benefits of considering a metal roof. 

  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Speed of installation
  • Maximum rain shedding
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire-resistant

Ditching the Slope for a Flat Roof

Flat roofs on a home are becoming more popular and for good reason. A flat roof is incredibly versatile! A homeowner could use the space for a garden, or an outdoor patio, expand the dwelling space, hold solar panels, or hold the HVAC system. The options are wide and varied and are only limited by the homeowner’s imagination. 

Solar Roof Panels

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Solar roofing is becoming more sought after as a source of continual energy. Innovations and technology have advanced so quickly that the thick bulky solar panels of the past are now replaced with sleek thin efficient panels ready to serve the home with ease. 

Upgrade to Slate Shingles

Slate is only of the oldest roofing materials known. It reaches back to the Middle Ages when castles and military buildings were secured by the qualities of slate. Today, slate has become lightweight, easy to work with, and created in different shapes and sizes to build a beautiful roof design. 


Many roofing contractors are leaning toward technology to inspect and evaluate the condition of a roof. No longer does a roofer have to climb up on a surface that may not be stable if damage has occurred. A drone can offer a complete explanation of the areas of damage while keeping the tech safe on the ground. 

Another benefit of a drone is the ability to inspect the work zone without disturbing the roofing specialists. The homeowner may be able to visually inspect and understand the work being done as well without creating concern.  

Cool Roofing

A fabulous new trend that will hopefully improve with time is the “cool” roof. According to https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/cool-roofs “A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy. This lowers the temperature of the building just as wearing light-colored clothing keeps you cool on a sunny day. Conventional roofs can reach temperatures of 150 degrees F or more on a sunny summer afternoon day. Under the same conditions, a reflective roof could stay more than 50 degrees F cooler.”

Maybe one or more of these trends interest you! They are certainly worth looking into. Consider speaking with Hero Roofing in Newnan if one of these trends is something you would like to learn more about. 

Perhaps you will be a trendsetter and inspire the neighbors on your block with roofing advances.