Roofing Scams Homeowners Should Look Out For

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Blog


According to experts, roof replacement projects are significant home improvement tasks that you should never attempt to tackle on your own. After all, it not only costs a lot to complete, but doing it on your own can also result in injuries or mistakes that can be costly to repair. As such, you should always hire a professional to get the job done. Unfortunately, however, not every roofer out there has honest intentions, with some set on scamming you as they do their job. With that in mind, you should be on the lookout for roofing scams that you need to avoid.

These include:


Large Downpayments

If a contractor asks you for a large downpayment before they start any work on your roof, part ways with their company immediately as this is a sure sign that they’re attempting to scam you. Remember; down payments should only be 20% of the projected total bill and as such, if they ask for a downpayment that’s 50% or higher, that’s a big red flag. This is because you give them what they’re asking for, there’s a large chance that they’ll take your money and run, leaving you with inadequate funds to get your roof replaced.

Low Starting Bids

It can be quite tempting to enlist the services of local roof repair contractors who offer low starting bids. After all, if you do so, you can save a significant amount on your roofing project. Apart from that, if a contractor offers a low starting bid, it’s possible that they’re new to the business and are simply trying to build up their clientele. This means that low starting bids aren’t always gateways to scams. However, if an experienced contractor offers a low starting bid, experts recommend that you be wary as this could be a scam where the price could steadily creep up due to so-called “unforeseen problems” and inflated material costs.


Similar to large down payments, overcharging scams are fairly easy to avoid. This is because good roofers will often give you a reasonable price for their services and those that overcharge can be easily spotted, especially if you have estimates from more than one contractor.

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