The Lies Bad Roofers Tell

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Blog


It’s not above bad, dishonest roofers to lie to people just to make more money while providing poor services. This is why it’s more advisable to look for local roof repair contractors if you need some roof work done. At least local roofers want to protect their reputation in the community, and they’re easy to find if you need them. And because they live and work where you live, they know the local climate and have relationships with local suppliers and authorities.

when a bad roofer tells lies

Local, reputable roofers will never tell you these lies:

“All Our Roofers Are In-House”

Say you need a new roof for your warehouse. The work should be done on time, but the building is big. At least 15-20 people are needed to complete the roof on schedule.

If a roofer comes to you and they have only five or six people on the crew, they can’t finish the job on schedule even if they take shortcuts, which they probably plan to. They might be able to finish on time if they hire subcontractors. But if the roofing contractor tells you all of those people are in-house, that’s only the first lie.

A reputable roofer will not bid on a job its in-house people cannot handle. If they do, they will tell you they will need subcontractors so you can decide if you’re fine with it. If you are willing to give them a chance, ask for the subcontractors’ contact information so you can vet them too.

“We Really Charge Much Lower Than Other Roofers”

Cheaper isn’t necessarily better, especially if we’re talking about roof replacement and other roofing projects.

It’s OK to want to pay less, but make sure to double-check the estimates provided by different roofers. All things considered, they should be more or less the same in pricing. A little difference shouldn’t be a reason to be alarmed. But if a roofer gives you a quote for the same project and it’s much lower than the others, get back to the others and ask them if they can match that price. Honest roofers will inform you immediately that it’s not possible.

The roofer with that low price is planning to cut corners, which will compromise your new roofing system’s functionality and longevity. You’re not getting a bargain. You’re just paying for cheap work, a cheap roof, maybe some knockoff materials, and a roof you’ll have to repair often and replace in a short time.

“We Can’t Fix Your Roof. We Have to Replace It”

Your roof is about five years old in a temperate region with very few trees around it. You don’t have problems with mold and mildew in your attic, your roof is properly ventilated and insulated, there is no wood rot or metal corrosion, etc. You just want to repair a little problem or have it inspected as part of your twice-yearly maintenance.

And they’re suggesting a replacement? This is a sign that they’re trying to get more money out of your project. It’s time to call a different contractor.

Don’t put your trust in dishonest roofers even when you need storm damage roof repair. Get in touch with Hero Roofing at (833) 321-4376 or through this page. We offer professional roof installation and other roofing services.